Some of my work, please contact me for further info.

Calculated Chaos
This painting subverts my usual perfectionist process.
I originally painted it like most of my other pieces and was fearful of ruining it by overworking it.
I eventually let go of that feeling by throwing paint over the canvas and was extremely satisfied with the end result.
  • Size: 120cm X 150cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Geisha (Sold)
After researching into Japanese culture and finding the geisha fascinating I did my best to include multiple elements of what I found in my research including making a rhinestone headpiece worn in the hair.
I wanted the piece to convey reflection and channel the peaceful atmosphere found in a lot of Japanese architecture and landscape.
  • Size: 120cm X 150cm
  • Material: Mixed Media

Pyrrhonism // Devil’s Advocate
I wanted this piece to focus on perspective.
I had been researching how western culture has influenced the depiction of religious figures at the time of making this piece and found it interesting how Jesus’ depiction is usually white with blue eyes when in reality he would’ve been more olive brown with brown eyes and thicker hair.
I also found it interesting how the depiction of the devil became increasingly cartoonish with features such as a sharp tail and horns being his most notable attributes.
The piece’s title is inspired by Pyrrho who was a 4th century philosopher who founded a school called Pyrrhonism.
One of his philosophies was that the concept of good and evil does not exist by nature and is purely relative to the person judging it.
  • Size: 71cm X 91cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Ethereal Terror
This piece is one of my favourite as it helped me define my own unique style.
The use of contrasting greys and influence of graphic drawing come together very nicely.
I enjoy how beautiful yet terrifying the woman in the painting is.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Elvis Presley (Sold)
With over 5000 rhinestones hand placed onto the jacket this sparkling piece is hard to miss.
With Elvis’ iconic blue eyes, pouted lips and slicked back hair the painting reflects the singer's charismatic presence.
I had a lot of fun making this piece, especially creating the marbled background.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Mixed Media

Red Cloud (Sold)
This piece challenged me to re-imagine a famous Native American, Red Cloud, as a younger warrior.
After much research and time spent painting in smaller details I came away very satisfied with the end result.
The painting has many influences from Native American culture, specifically the Hopi Tribe. It has two symbols, one called ‘homecoming’ which represents the return of a warrior from battle, the other being the ’tapuat’ symbol representing the life cycle and connection between Mother Earth and spirituality.
I also painted a traditional heishi necklace and used a traditional pattern for the feathered headpiece worn by the tribal chief.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Zombie Boy
This piece was inspired by the late Rick Gennest, a man who had his body tattooed to look like a skeleton.
I found the intense ambience of his character captivating.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Acrylic & Spray Paint

The Lookout
This piece was very experimental for me in developing my style and I really enjoy the result.
It’s not quite as defined as my other paintings making it feel very dream like
I again like the juxtaposition between how beautiful yet terrifying it looks.
  • Size: 90cm X 90cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Flight to the Underworld
I wanted this painting to primarily focus on texture.
I was fascinated with how modern depictions of religion have morphed in western culture.
I wanted to replicate a biblically inaccurate angel that you’d normally see at a grave yard and contrast it with a background that uses the colours of hell with red symbolising fire and blue symbolising burning brimstone. The white is meant to symbolise heaven hence why it is fading away.
  • Size: 91cm X 122cm
  • Material: Acrylic & Spray Paint

This piece was inspired by a musician and the mysterious aura surrounding his character.
I admire the edgier aesthetic of the painting.
  • Size: 100cm X 100cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Zombie Boy 2
For this painting I wanted to do another Zombie Boy.
I was fascinated with this man (Rick Genest) who has tattooed his entire body to look like a skeleton.
Pictures of him are always intriguing.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Acrylic

Bowie (Sold)
A painting done of the infamous David Bowie where I tried to capture his uniqueness and charisma.
I like the atmosphere the pink background adds to the painting.
  • Size: 76cm X 101cm
  • Material: Acrylic with Rhinestones