About me

Blaize's Portrait
Blaize is a self-taught artist and painter based in Jersey, who likes to work on large scale canvasses often combining graphically fine drawing and brushwork with other areas of surface texture and pattern.
Blaze's work is insightful, drawing together visual elements from religious iconography, symbols, the world of social media and celebrity. Drawing and clean design is his strength with influences from the worlds of street art, graffiti, abstract and figurative art. However, his work remains highly individual and unconstrained by a single artistic style. A perfectionist, he reinvents his technique and improves his style ceaselessly.
Blaize often uses uncommon and "rough" materials, like cardboards, acrylic, and hardware tools. He paints making use of spray paints, oils and acrylics, often combined to provide dripping effects, splashes and paint throws. The physicality of the painting process is apparent in the final piece. As a developing creative, Blaize is looking to progress his art in combination with his other passion for fashion and design. Whilst his brand is in development, it will be fascinating to watch him develop in the creative space.